Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Core Of Being

To me there is nothing quite as exhilarating as heading outside and exploring new trails, feeling the thrill as I navigate over foreign terrain, feeling the adventure of getting lost but always finding the right trail again.
... And so it was today. I explored trails around the "Vierwaldst√§tterSee", literally running from lake to summit. I ran upstream over rocks and through water until I found the snow that was melting into a gushing river. I tangoed with the cows on the lush grassy fields. I (not so) gracefully stacked it down a rocky descent... (always the sign of a successful trail adventure).

Running uphill is not my forté but I love it because it challenges me to improve, for the wonderful views I get rewarded with and for the thrill of the downhills. As I was, what felt like, gliding up this sweet single track trail, I couldn't help but notice how much stronger I felt. I felt like I wasn't batteling the incline, rather I was running with it. I noticed how my hips were propelling me forward and my upper body being far more upright than usual, allowing more oxygen to fill my lungs and letting my legs stride freely beneath me.
Because I am fascinated with the mechanics of the body I started to analyze what had happened, and it was a simple answer - my physical core had grown stronger over the winter months where I, predominantly, totted uphill in soft, fluffy snow.

As so often, one thought provokes another and I began to think about the Core Of  Being. The physical core is just one component of our being. I believe we need to exercise, not only, the visible core (physical) but also our internal cores like our mental, emotional and spiritual cores. They all channel into our main Core Of Being. As I am writing this I am struggling to find the words to describe what our Core Of Being is, but I can see it in the shape of a tree; a tree doesn't only have one root that makes it stand steady, confidently and strongly in its world, it has many roots that contribute to its Being. For the tree to withstand storm and drought, sunshine and rain, snow and the cold, the tree's roots need to be nourished, nurtured and strengthened.

We are that tree and we need to be aware of the strength and health of our roots because they create equilibrium in our lives and being.

For the first time in a long time I was hoping that the summit was still far away. I began to realize that my strengthened (physical) core didn't necessarily mean that running was easier, because you can push yourself to another level, but I felt a new strength and stability which gave me confidence in myself.

Strengthening your Core Of Being doesn't mean you will float effortlessly through life, but you will feel yourself stand stronger, you will find your Center Of Gravity within yourself.

Being aware of your Core Of Being is learning to know yourself.
Knowing yourself is learning to Love yourself.
Loving yourself is, arguably, the most important root that leads to your Core Of Being, because thats where your love for life and people stems from.

Life is never stagnant, it is always moving... sometimes we battle the uphills and other times we float up them effortlessly. Awareness of self is the key to Being!

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