Saturday, June 8, 2013

Natures playground

I love that the days when you struggle to find your running mojo, and find every excuse possible to delay your departure, end up being the days you have some of your best runs!!

Today I struggled to get my run on. I knew i didn't need to run, but I wanted to run, but at the same time didn't feel like running. So I made a compromise with myself, that I would head out for a lazy trot, just long enough to catch some fresh air and sunshine.

I sluggishly headed for an easy and familiar trail. My feet felt heavy and I struggled to get settled in my stride. I was hesitantly expecting to hit the legendary wall, but in the magical way the body and mind work, I began to find my groove. I felt how my pace began to increase, how my body began to stand taller and how I was infected with this familiar urge to play on the trails.

The awesome thing about living in the mountains is, that there are always plenty of trails to choose from. Growing up here I had this confidence that I'd seen them all, or so I thought. I spotted this little trail that veered off into the woods with no signs marking the way. My adventurous mood kicked in and I began a steep uphill climb towards the mountains.

As I crested the trail I felt an incredible feeling of serenity and fulfillment. I took a moment to sit on a rock and marvel at the vibrancy of nature that was framed by the Majestic mountain family - Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.
The realization hit me how important it is to have flexibility and fun with training. That its okay to stop and take a moment to enjoy the moment; That is what keeps the fire of passion burning. As soon as we get too rigid and caught up in structure the passion turns into more of an addiction and/or obsession, and eventually loses its spark. 

The trail was a mystery to me, I had no idea where it would lead me to. It ended up leading me to the worlds funnest and most adventurous playground, where I got chased by little calves, danced over mud and snow, scrambled over rocks, crossed gushing rivers, avalanche fields and, of course, slipped on cow shit. 

It was amazing to traverse the snow fields that were the fuel for the gushing rivers I had crossed earlier. It was liberating to shoe ski down the snow fields into lush grassy fields. It was fun to engage in a chasing game with the cute calves. It was mesmerizing to see the lively flowers reveal their blossoms after a long winter.  It was humbling to feel like a part of that world.

Hours later I found a familiar trail that led me back home.  I returned revived and energized, thankful that I had found my running mojo.

"Be like the melting snow -- Wash yourself of yourself"

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